Aerial CinEmatography and drone FILMING

Every good piece of cinematography needs creative angles and shots, and I don't know about you, but there's not very many ways to get aerial footage. I mean, you could strap a camera to a plane, but it might fall off. Or you could hire the desert doppler to catch some good footage, but that could get expensive. 

When it comes to aerial footage, leave it to the pros at Wedgie Media. All of our drones are equipped with 4K cameras. Drone filming is out of this world. There isn't a single piece of footage that we can't capture (except for Bigfoot, no one can seem to find him). From filming elegant Candelaria designed homes, to commercial property, location filming for TV, the Wedgie Media drone team performs aerial cinematic mastery.

Wedgie Media has licensed pilots on staff and are FAA certified for drone operation. Drone flights are legally performed under current FAA guidelines. All filming airspace is verified prior to shoot. Wedgie Media will not violate federal airspace regulations, or put any aircraft in harms way in the performing of our jobs.

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