Boom! This Is How To Make A Brand Pop.

We all look in the mirror. Sometimes it's to check our teeth, other times our hair, or maybe even a blemish or two. What about your business? Do you spend too much time watching yourself build widgets in the proverbial mirror that you miss what everyone else is doing around you?

When running a business, it's easy to be so deep in the trench that you can't see beyond the weeds. This was the case for National Window Coverings. This high-end brand spent a majority of its time servicing the demands of architects, designers, and homeowners, to the point it found itself stuck in the 1990's. The brand looked old, felt old, and didn't have the luxury feel of the products they sold, delivered, and installed.

With National Window Coverings, Wedgie Creative needed to start from scratch. Our Web Team 6, graphics group, and production teams collaborated on the overall brand vision; then, like a precision military operation, began deployment.

Our graphics group designed a fresh, modern logo. Wedgie's Web Team 6, led by our very own Christian Klein, deployed a killer, responsive National Window Coverings website. While these elements were being built, the Wedgie TV production team took the brand to a whole new level. They crafted a brand-new TV and digital commercial to launch the National Window Coverings rebrand. Our team created a custom composition for the ad and designed the entire spot to visually elevate the National Window Coverings brand to the luxury status their product already represented.

Rebranding a company isn't easy. It takes a team of dedicated professionals, a vision, money, and the most important component, client trust. It's a daunting task, but in the end, the results are breathtaking.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? We may know a company that’s ready to help. :) 

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