Buckle Up And Enjoy The Flight

When Virgin America decided to update their inflight safety video, they could have done the same thing all airlines do. They could have played it safe, delivered the generic, FAA mandated safety information in a short video, delivered by b-grade talent, in a stuffy old aircraft. But that's not how Sir Richard Branson rolls.

Virgin America put forth an edict to create an engaging, entertaining and informative safety video. One that people would not only watch but talk about, remember, share, and in the end continue pushing Virgin America's branding into the stratosphere.

As an agency we have created music videos for national brands like Data Doctors, parody commercials for large franchises like Fast Signs, and engaging content for even smaller local clients like RYCO Plumbing. Why? Because they're fun, engaging, and memorable. Oh, and they work too!

We want all clients to have the vision Virgin America has.Your budget may only be a fraction of theirs, but the results can be just as powerful. Anyone up for a branded music video?


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