Making Your Ads "Unique" Isn't Enough


Brilliant billboards sell your product easily.

Making your ads "unique" isn't enough, your ads must matter. They need to matter to your organization and your organization’s purpose, and that purpose needs to matter to consumers. Companies often see a slight bump from “clever” advertising. “Clever” advertising stands out within a block of other advertisements on TV, on Radio, on Billboards sure, but great advertising does so much more. Great advertising helps create a sense of purpose in the consumer. The product and the organization becomes important to them… so important that they feel the urge to tell their friends about it. This snowball effect can be easily tarnished by poor customers service. Can you imagine? You’re filled with all this purpose, all this urge, and when the time comes you feel completely disconnected from the organization you’re purchasing this great product from. this great product you saw displayed in great advertising. Don’t be that organization! Connecting… truly connecting with your customers is what will turn “clever” into “brilliant”. Be brilliant!


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