How To Make A Viral Video

Viral Isn't The Goal, It's The Side Effect

When a client says "we want to go viral" what we the agency want to do is run, run away as fast as we can.

You see viral isn't the goal, it's merely the side effect of a well produced, informative, entertaining piece of content.

Oftentimes clients get stuck on wanting to go viral rather than looking at the big picture. Going viral has little value if the content that goes viral doesn't do anything for your business. Just because you have a bazillion views doesn't put money in your pocket, it just means you have a bazillion views.

Before you start asking your agency, content producer, or whomever it is that's working on your project to "go viral," think about the value in that statement versus the value of creating something worth sharing, worth talking about, and that organically builds a customer base.

After all, your goal is to grow your business, make money, and be happy. Going viral only contributes to the latter and sadly, many times, doesn't help with the first two.

So, do you want to create a "viral video" or do you want to create a video that has value and the potential to go viral? If you prefer the first option, please don't call us. If the second option seems more aligned with your business acumen, then it's time for us to talk.


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