Effective brand strategies give you the advantage in competitive markets. Who doesn't want an advantage? But what is branding? At the heart of your brand is your logo. With the visual backbone of your brand logo developed, your website, promotional materials, product packaging and messaging, should integrate your logo and properly communicate your brand to the world.

building brand awareness

Many brands don't know where to begin, that's why we've created Wedgie Media Brand Strategy sessions. These sessions are designed to help figure out your brand strategy so we can create an intelligent roadmap to move your brand forward.

Don’t think people use their smartphones while going to the bathroom? Well, the team at Data Doctors found out the hard way and asked Wedgie Media to produce some potty phone awareness. In this branded music video, we deliver a simple, yet direct message to consumers: Data Doctors can fix your phone. We utilize the power of entertainment to educate consumers.

brand awareness takes on many forms

We see it every day, yet many don't realize the power branding has on the consumer mind. When you see the infamous Nike swoosh you immediately identify the brand. M&M's, McDonald's, Preparation-H all have one thing in common, a branding strategy. Branding doesn't make a product or brand, it makes people aware of the product or brand. It's indelibly marked in their brains so that the next time a consumer thinks about making that purchase or call, their brand is at the top of the list.

If the only constant is change, then it's especially important that your brand or business adapt a Consistent Innovation way of life. Today, we're digitally evolving faster than ever before. Wedgie Media is here to help you set the pace and avoid feeling left behind. Innovation isn't a one-time deal - it's forever.

If a brand like Apple rested solely on its brilliant 1984 "Think Different" campaign and never innovated its production and marketing strategy afterward, it wouldn't be the powerhouse of technology that it is today. Wedgie Media wants to increase your brand or businesses shelf life, and Consistent Innovation is one of the best ways to do so. 

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