Digital Lead Generation For Chiropractors

Image Of Chiropractic Adjustment

Getting new patients every month is not your area of expertise, adjustments are.

Wedgie Media allows you to focus on your patients and your practice, we simply bring you a steady flow of targeted new patients each and every month.

We have developed a unique, proven and effective lead generation strategy that delivers consistent results for our clients. Our approach uses advance demographic and fiscal data in the immediate vicinity of your practice. With our ADVANCED PATIENT TARGETING, our clients see an average of 30 new patient leads every month. We are so confident in our ability to generate new leads, we've included the line to our CEO's extension.

  • Weekly Leads
  • Local Exclusivity
  • Effortless
  • Grow Your Practice

Below is our Facebook business manager campaign report.

Image Of 12 Hour Campaign Result From Friday, January 13, 2017
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