what's the flavor of your production needs?

For Lay's Wavy Potato Chips, the Wedgie Media production crew wanted to go way outside the box and in doing so, write a commercial that appeals specifically to women.

Most creative and production agencies don't really know how to market to women. Weird, isn't it? Part of the reason is that of the two, men tend to be the impulse buyers. Perhaps another reason why women are the better sex. But like men, women like to be entertained, enjoy seeing good-looking men (hello, ever heard of Magic Mike?), and are usually purchasing the groceries because they're the least lazy of the two sexes. Sorry guys, you know it's true. It's why Bruce Jenner converted. 

lays wavy fantasy

This is why the Wedgie Media team developed a concept that men can laugh at, but women will fantasize about. Suddenly the new Lay's Wavy packaging becomes a little sexier, doesn't it?

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