Until now you've muddled along trying to figure out how to get your message to stick, be seen, heard, watched... you know the drill. Again, until now. Until, Wedgie Media.

The hard truth about marketing today.

Let's get this straight. Only media buyers are still pushing your marketing dollars to TV, why? Because it's easy money for them, there's ZERO trackability, and so you can brag about your TV ad. There's only one little problem. The DVR has screwed you over, and you don't even realize it. Back in early 2016, the wise Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia challenged our thinking, and we removed the TV option for clients moving all of their, then TV budgets to full digital. That one thing changed the trajectory of all our advertising clients businesses. 

You see, when people watch TV today, they watch it on their time, when it works for them, when the ads come on viewers either fast forward, or grab their phones and start checking in on the world. You are guilty of this too, yet continue to waste money on a medium that has ZERO attention. Brag about your TV ad all day long, at least when the business goes under because your competition smoked you, you'll have that great TV ad to remember the good times. 

The ROI of advertising in the digital space destroys television on a daily basis. Facebook, Instagram and now Snap are gobbling up consumer attention at an exponential rate, and it's not too late to jump on the train. 

Where are you wasting your marketing dollars?

If you're buying TV right now, you're blowing big money on ZERO results. If you're paying for radio ads in drive times, you are getting screwed out of value. If you are dropping 25,000 direct mail pieces every month, you are contributing to global warming and destroying the planet, stop it now.

You want to advertise where the attention of your consumers are today. Could the "where" change? Yes! It has and will continue to change, so you need to be OK with that. We can hold your hand through the change and keep you sharp and ready for the next wave.

Stop trying the DIY marketing approach.

Lots of you have "tried" social media. By try, we mean you've spent $20 booting a post, it failed to deliver results, so you gave up. That's not trying, that's getting in the car without keys and saying you just drove.

You need help with your marketing. Don't just muddle along with some social media posts, YouTube videos, or print media trying to figure out how to get your brand or message to stick, be seen, heard, or watched. You know you have a good product or service, but you can't figure out why no one's listening or seems to care. 

Our marketing deployment team will custom craft your message, define the proper channels to deploy on, and launch your marketing campaign into the stratosphere.

What's right for you? Don't guess what may work, you've been wrong so far.

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