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We are custom squarespace developers

At Wedgie Media we develop and deploy all client websites on Squarespace. With our exclusive website development partner Fix8 Media, we deploy all custom sites on Squarespace and have been Squarespace Circle members since its inception.

Why Squarespace? We believe that when we finish developing a client website, it should be easily handed off to them, managed internally if desired and they are not beholden to us to make changes for them. Many clients that come to us don't maintain control of their own websites because a developer has a gun to their head. We don't believe in running our business this way. So we custom deploy sites in this robust platform and deliver exceptional website experiences. This very website is custom built and running on Squarespace.

What Is A Responsive Website?

Responsive Website design starts in the palm of your hand, your smartphone. A properly designed website today, starts with the mobile user experience and then moves to the bigger screens. With the world now in the palm of your hand, we always start with the smartphone. 

How long will it take you to understand why you need a responsive website? 5 seconds... here goes. If you can't reach the remote control when a TV ad comes on, what do you grab? Your smartphone. All of our sites are responsive and self-modify to fit the size of any screen. There's no need to pay extra to develop an app with responsive websites, and it keeps your brand in one easy-to-find place. 

We also want your site to be beautiful. It's about visual balance and user friendliness. Some features, like parallax scrolling, provide a unique look and allow users to view everything your site has to offer with one scroll. Click our logo or here to see that in action on our website.

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