wedgie focuses on the consumer

Wedgie Creative's My M&M's commercial was not only our first global brand ad, but the creative and production crew was called on to do similar commercials for other My M&M themes. 

My M&M's I Love You Too

In the case of this commercial, M&M Mars wanted to show that their customizable M&M's are perfect for weddings, couples, and gifts of love in general. Wedgie, as always, put this concept through three simple filters:

  1. How will the consumer view this?
  2. Why will they care?
  3. What will make them choose this product and company?

My M&M's Forever

What resulted was telling a love story. Wedgie knew they could easily shoot a video with a couple falling in love and getting married - but that's been done before! Wedgie production is about Creative Ideas That Get Stuck. So, the team decided to tell a love story using the product... and it was a huge hit with both the client, M&M Mars, and new consumers.

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