Rebrand At A Glance

Even National Window Coverings will admit... they needed it.

National Window Coverings provides a needed service with an elegant product. Unfortunately, their branding didn't reflect the quality of their product. They desperately needed a Wedgie... and they got one:

The Wedgie Media team jumped into action like surgeons repairing a wounded pro-football player. We started by providing National Window Coverings with a new look, modern feel, and fresh creative. Our award winning video production team produced a strategically branded ad for their fall marketing campaign. This new ad also serves as online video content for their brand-new, digital marketing campaign to really make their re-brand shine:

The Wedgie Media web development team also gave National Window Coverings a new, customized digital look. Their new website is not only more visually appealing, it's both search and user friendly too:

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