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Project Highlights

  • Build Awareness
  • Create Demand
  • Drive Registration (Over 1,200 registered)
  • Increased Revenue (Exceeded goal by 1.89M)

Success VLC came to Wedgie Media with a need to tell their student stories. Serving at risk kids, they needed other at risk students to hear their message of hope. 

The video project turned into an opportunity to share emotional storytelling and connect students across the state of Michigan to someone else just like them.

Wedgie Media was then tasked to launch their new website and integrate these powerful stories into the site.

The final phase was the fall enrollment push. Our creative Ad Zombies scripted a deep reach online campaign. In a 45 day period, Wedgie Media was able to deliver these messages on social media platforms, targeting students, their parents and in some cases grandparents. Wedgie delivered these messages on Facebook and Instagram. When the campaign was complete, Success VLC has enrolled over 1,200 students and exceeded their enrollment push goal by over 250 students. This resulted in over 9 million dollars in funding, putting them 1.89 million over goal.

Wedgie Media is now building their national and international campaigns to help students across the world achieve their success too.

Many clients still refer to us as Wedgie Creative, though we recently rebranded as Wedgie Media.

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