Home Advisor Is Bad For Your Business

While many businesses find immediate value in partnering with companies like Home Advisor, the relationship tends to be more like that of patients and doctors with a big-name health insurance company in between them. In this case, patients are your customers, you’re the doctor, and companies like Home Advisor are the health insurance company. Guess who wins in this equation? Long term, the health insurance company or, Home Advisor in this case, gets fat while you take what they give you and keep hoping they will give you more. And of course, as long as you pay your “premium,” they will. 

While the intention behind a service like Home Advisor is good, the money spent using their short-term service could be spent on long-term benefits if invested in your company's own internal resources i.e. content creation, SEO and social media marketing. 

The reality is, services like Home Advisor drive a wedge between you and your client by becoming an unnecessary transactional middleman. The long-term benefits of this relationship favor Home Advisor instead of your business because they reap the rewards of your search engine value and organic reach, plus, they control the flow of leads based on search volume.

They sell business leaders like you on their ability to generate hot leads for you all while increasing your visibility in search and helping you stand out from the competition to truly grow your business. The reality is, if you were to take all of the money you’d normally spend with a service like Home Advisor over the course of a year, two years, or even longer, and put it towards a marketing agency working for your benefit, you would generate more leads (the kind of leads you want!) and instead of competing with the other companies that do what you do, you would simply be building your brand the right way.

If you chose the marketing agency path for three years and did nothing more after that, the long-term impact of your efforts would not only be thriving, but it’d be unique to you. If you tried the same path with Home Advisor for three years and stopped, your leads and your online presence would dissipate – because it was never intended for your benefit. That's the difference between investing your money with a company like Home Advisor instead of building your brand the right way over the long-haul.

If you want a bigger future with big-picture strategy for growth, one that doesn't require ongoing payments for lunch, then start a relationship with a direct advertising or marketing firm. They can deliver better results than Home Advisor and can building sustainable growth that benefits you and your brand—alone. 

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