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Video is critical to your company's Google power and overall online presence. Without targeted video and compelling images, you're virtually invisible to the world. Video clicks crush text clicks each day, each hour, each minute.


people click and watch before they click and read

In today's fast-paced, "ain't nobody got time for that" world, video has quickly outpaced all other forms of content that matters. When you find online content in video form, you click and watch, why? It's easy. Today's consumers want to be educated, entertained and engaged. Reading a long article when you're looking for a quick "how to" or searching for something about a company is no longer the preferred method. Show them what they want and you'll have them hooked.

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Video Services


These :60 animation videos can be a first step into the powerful video world. If done well, explainers can introduce new customers to your brand, service or product.


For the Corporate Interview Video Production Service we come to your business location. We take approximately 15 to 30 minutes of your time conducting and shooting the interview. Afterwards, with very fast turnaround, we will produce, edit, and finalize your Corporate Interview Video into the :45 to :60 second range and upload it to your YouTube channel.


Corporate Extended is a deeper, more robust video service. For this video service we come to your business location or a location of your choosing. We take approximately 30 minutes of your time conducting and shooting a much deeper and more in-depth interview. In this interview we will help you discover your message - something that will truly resonate with the consumer - and how best to deliver that message to your clients and/or customers. Once completed and with very fast turnaround, we will produce, edit and finalize your Corporate Extended Video into the :90 seconds to 2:00 minute range. We will then keyword optimize the finished video and upload it to your YouTube channel.


Commercial Branded shoots can be used on all social channels but are shot with a consumer in mind. These videos are really commercials for your brand that you can take to air on digital platforms, social channels or using alternate channels to target market a demo like Hulu. Shoots vary from 1-3 locations and can include hired talent. Typically these shoots run from a half or full day, to multi day, multi location. Edit times vary, but you can expect the finished commercial ready in a few weeks. We will give you an exact quote based on your specific needs. Additional fees for talent, makeup and media buys.


A fun, catchy and company branded music video is a great way to connect consumers of your product or service to your business. Music video production doesn't have to break the bank either. Shoots typically take place in one location and in one day. Multi-location and multi-day shoots simply increase the budget needed for the project. Additional fees for talent, makeup.


As a full service production company, Wedgie Media can handle your most complex and packed show production schedules. Rates vary based on size and scope.

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