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Click here to see the MicroBlend website.

Click here to see the MicroBlend website.



If your manufacturing company is ready for a new website, get in touch with the team at Wedgie Media.

Of all the businesses out there, manufacturing typically neglects their website and treats it as a secondary proof of existence rather than a tool to drive business.


Your website should never be a secondary consideration in your sales funnel. A manufacturing website doesn’t have to be ugly, cold and mechanical. They can be inspired, creative and sexy. 

Whether you sell an automated point of sale paint systems like MicroBlend or widgets, your website is more than a proof of your existence, it is the stuff future deals and potential M&A are made of. 

Let the B2B team at Wedgie Media drive the story behind your manufacturing website and grow your brand.

Manufacturing companies both large and small need to stay current and keep their websites as well oiled as the machines they use on a daily basis. 

A mobile responsive website tells your business customers that your industry is modern, up-to-date and on the leading edge of technology―not stuck in the last century.

If it has been more than 10 years since you've updated your website, it's time to start a conversation. Call, click to chat or fill out our easy get started form and give your manufacturing website an overhaul.

Is My Website Mobile Responsive?

How do you know if your website is mobile responsive? It's easy. Grab your smartphone, iPhone, Android or other and open up your prefered web browser. 

Now go to your website on the phone and take a look at it.

Do you need to pinch and zoom to read all of the text?  Does functionality seem to disappear because everything is microscopically small? Think of your users. If it's challenging for you, imagine how it is for them.

Some of you may open your website and get a mobile version delivered to the smartphone. A dumbed down version of the website with simple ugly button navigation is not mobile responsive, it's like putting a bandaid on an artery. It's going to slow the bleeding, but it's not a solution.

A truly mobile responsive website will fully function on a smartphone, it will scale to the screen size and it won't require the pinch and zoom technique you've gotten so used to―because that's the way websites function on a various devices.

Let us hold your hand now and in the future. Let the Wedgie Media website development team show you how great your business can look.

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