Click to see the Success VLC website.

Click to see the Success VLC website.


Success VLC

If your school is ready for a new website, get in touch with the team at Wedgie Media.

Schools seem to be way behind in state-of-the-art when it comes to web design that super serves its audience, today's students.


Why do schools live in the past when it comes to designing a website that furthers their connection and communication with students?

Typical school websites are difficult to navigate for students, parents and faculty. These days, 90% of school website users are using mobile devices to access school websites. Unfortunately most school websites are not mobile optimized and therefore users spend a great deal of time pinching and zooming to try to navigate the content of the site.

On a non-mobile optimized website, the typical user spends less than 45 seconds on the site before bouncing or leaving due to a bad user experience. A mobile first website designed for today's users keeps them engaged and helps them navigate to the content they wish to reach.

Google Likes Mobile

The other benefit to being mobile optimized is Google ranking. Google ranks mobile optimized websites higher in search than non-mobile websites. Just based on search value alone, your website should be mobile optimized for mobile users.

The Value Of HTTPS/SSL

All websites designed and deployed by the Wedgie Media team are SSL secure, that means your new website has the highest level of encryption and protection available today. This comes at no additional charge. Google rewards an SSL website a small bump in search ranking as part of their ranking algorithm. Wedgie Media deployed websites are 2048 bit SSL secure. 

When Berrien Springs Public Schools needed a new website for their Success Virtual Learning Centers, they chose the school website deployment team at Wedgie Media. 

Are You ADA Compliant?

Yes, as if design wasn't enough to worry about, now, ADA compliance is knocking on the door of many school administrators. Activists are filing complaints and law suits for non-ada compliant schools. It's costing districts tens of thousands of dollars to defend and fix the problem.

Let the school website development team at Wedgie Media bring your school into the 21st. century now.

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