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Click to see the National Window Coverings website.

Click to see the National Window Coverings website.


National Window Coverings

If your window treatments company is ready for a new website, get in touch with the team at Wedgie Media.

Home decor is such a favorite topic these days. With everyone and their mother Pinning on Pinterest and taking pics on Instagram, the world of home decor is at your fingertips.

National Window Coverings decided to take down their old blinds, and trick out their brand with a total makeover, including a new logo and digital advertising. But first they needed a foundation, so we took out the tools and started on a new website.

Home decor is one of the sexiest categories to be in. With all it's visual pop, Wedgie Media takes advantage of rich photo galleries and integrated visuals. We also add direct Pin to Pinterest and social sharing to make your website content easily shareable with everyone.

If your brand is growing, but your website is in need of a new foundation, let the Wedgie Media team design a stunning, next generation website for you.

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