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responsive design that never goes out of style

2:20 is all you need to get it. Why do you need a responsive design from Wedgie Creative? Watch the video. All of our sites are responsive and self-modify to fit the size of any screen. There's no need to pay extra to develop an app with responsive websites, and it keeps your brand in one easy-to-find place. It's pinky and the brain, minus pinky... but it might take over the world. 

We also want your site to be beautiful. It's about visual balance and user friendliness. Some features, like parallax scrolling, provide a unique look and allow users to view everything your site has to offer with one scroll.

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building a brand from scratch, lick and barc

Building a brand from scratch is one of the coolest things we do at Wedgie Creative. When a locally recognized veterinary clinic decided to build a separate facility to help rehab small animal, they needed a brand. Wedgie Creative was tasked with naming this new entity, developing their brand, logo, color schemes, website and collateral materials including video to help educate consumers and veterinary clinics that refer patients to them. BARC was born.

BARC's logo needed to say injury without feeling sad when you see it. BARC is a place where animals can go to get well again, to get back on their paws. The target customers are pet owners who want to give their pets the best possible care and veterinarians that don't have the training or facilities to properly rehab their clients pets.

what we did for BARC

  • Brand Name Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Website Development -
  • Video Production
  • Collateral Material Creation

who doesn't love pizza?

Let's face it, we all love pizza. Sadly, most of the better, non big brand pizza places have sucky websites, bad marketing, and no personality. The Wedgie Creative Web Development Team set out to change that.

With the fall 2015 launch of Geno's new, we embarked on a marketing and branding campaign to help them grow as large as their pizza. We've added extra sauce, our favorite toppings, and some hand-tossed love into Geno's new site.

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women love him and men wanna be him

Remember the quote from Gladiator? "Are you not entertained?!" The entertainment factor in any branding, marketing, or video production effort should never be underestimated. Consumers absolutely love to be entertained. Entertainment is oftentimes more memorable and more shareable. After all, advertising isn't about the way things are, it's about the way things should be.

Shop Terris

But, it needs to be done right. Wedgie Creative sees a lot of creative agencies go for "funny" over "entertaining." There's a huge difference between the two:

  • Funny - Makes the audience or consumer laugh and forget about it. In some cases, what the creative agency deems funny the audience or consumer won't. The call-to-action gets lost for the sake of humor.
  • Entertaining - Might make the audience or consumer laugh, but it focuses more on painting a picture, telling a story, and relating to specific demographic. The call-to-action is built into the commercial's overall message.

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all kinds of marketing... one kind of Wedgie

In this heart-warming commercial, the Wedgie Creative crew focused their message on a whole new audience: Families

This isn't just a guy's product. It's something every family needs and every family uses. If you're a mother, wouldn't you feel more comfortable buying this product after seeing a commercial with a child using it - knowing it's safe for kids? That is what this commercial is meant to convey, and that's how CLR will take their brand to the next level.


what's it like working with Wedgie?

The busy star of Discovery Channel's Property Wars, owner of his hugely successful RedBrick Realty and nationally recognized public speaker and educator didn't have the time to babysit his company marketing, web development or TV commercial production.

Wedgie Creative also produces his weekly radio show "The Flippin' Real Estate Radio Program". Catch the show Saturdays at 3PM on KTAR-FM or get the podcast after the program on iTunes.


working with Wedgie is ez... and you're done

Let's be honest, no one likes completing their income taxes each year. Unfortunately, we all have to... and we all need to file a 1040-EZ form. So wouldn't it be nice if there was a company named EZ 1040 that filed the form for you and made it easy? Oh that's right, there is! But before Wedgie Creative, you might not have known about them. Which is unfortunate because they're a fantastic company with an absolutely awesome staff. All the tax prep work is done right here in the U.S.A. None of it is outsourced.


Wedgie was excited to get the call to put them back on the map and thriving again.

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ever wondered if good creative can help you beat the snot out of your competition?

...well, just ask the team at Academy Mortgage. When they connected with Wedgie Creative for video production, marketing, and web development, their numbers increased dramatically.

Here's what Kevin Kosisky had to say about the team at Wedgie Creative... 

By the way, notice how beautiful this shot is? It's so crisp, you might think he's standing in front of a green screen! He's not. The Wedgie Creative production crew uses one of the only 4k digital cameras in the state of Arizona.


making video and marketing FUN!

As Don Draper infamously said, "Advertising is based on one thing, happiness." Consumers want to feel part of something special, something fun, something that validates that whatever they're doing is ok. That's what the Wedgie production crew wanted to capture with this commercial.

SpaghettiOs Fun

Some campaigns are meant to be dramatic, meant to either play on your fear or play on your tear ducts. This was about bringing two generations together to enjoy one brand. At Wedgie Creative, we know which tone is best for your brand, product, and campaign.


pro-bono? of course... don't U2?

Contact us for potential pro-bono work. We take on several charities and worthy organizations each year. If you're legit and have a need, we may be able to help U2.

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Wedgie media big brand demo reel

This demo reel highlights only a fraction of the projects Wedgie Creative has produced. But, it's a good taste - and not because it's mostly food and drink products. 

Ready for a Wedgie?

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